Sunday, January 29, 2012

How To Create a Torrent

                    A torrent file stores metadata used for Torrent Clients like Bit torrent, µtorrent, Xunlei, Vuze BitComet. A Torrent is data about a target file, though it contains information about the content of the file. The only torrent holds is information about the location of different pieces of the target file. Torrents work by dividing the target file into small information called chunks, found on an unlimited number of different hosts. Through this method, torrents are able to download large files quickly.

Most Popular Torrent Client:

Bit torrent





Steps To Create Torrent File

Step 1:

Open ant Torrent Client Application ( µtorrent)

File ——> Create New Torrent

Step 2:

Select Source File by clicking add file

Here Important step is torrent Trackers, there are so many available Free trackers show below.

Add those link in Torrent Properties –>trackers



Step 3:

Press Create and save as.. wait a minute and save the file name as ****.torrent extension

Step 4:

Upload saved torrent to your friends, Company or popular torrent websites like

Start seeding then only other can download the file…..

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